Tips & tricks

I’ll keep updating this page when I find more tips & tricks.

Some shortcuts you may find handy

  • Ctrl + A: Resets the size of the 4 views
  • Alt + P: Checks for problems
  • Shift + A: Texture application

Some handy tricks you probably didn’t know about

  • Pressing ctrl while zooming one of the views will also zoom the rest.
  • The clipping tool has three modes: One will leave half, one the other and the last leaves both halves.
  • Double-clicking on an entity in the 3D view will opens it’s properties.
  • Hollowing a block with negative values will hollow it outward.
  • Pressing Z in de 3D view let’s you enter mouselook mode. Camera now has standard WASD controls. Can’t live without it.

Some bugs you probably didn’t know about

  • Func_linear doesn’t work when parented
  • You can’t play MP3 format in the editor. (autoplay etc.)

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