NS2 engine + tutorial update

Natural-Selection 2 will have it’s own engine! This is big news. It will also have it’s own level editor. Of course, Chuckmapping will also cover tutorials for this new level editor.

From what I can tell from the screenshot, the editor looks pretty good. I like how the texture application section is bolted down into the interface. No more summoning another window. Simple is good when it comes to 3D editors.

I heard in a previous podcast that you can change textures in the engine at real-time. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me.

In other news, I updated the arch tutorial. It now shows you how to make a nice staircase.

The beginner’s guide to Valve Hammer Editor should be next. For now, you can look at this.


2 Responses to “NS2 engine + tutorial update”

  1. 21 July, 2008 at 17:19

    Thanks for the post. Actually, that texture window can also be popped out so you can keep it open on another monitor while working. It’s nice to have all your materials in front of you (potentially filtered with “ns2”, “floor”, etc.) while you’re working.

    And yes, you can update your materials while the game is running. So you can have both Photoshop and the game running, make tweaks in Photoshop, hit save, then have in-game update instantly. It makes it a lot faster to tweak textures.


  2. 22 July, 2008 at 23:19

    Thanks for the info, Flayra! 😀

    I have an idea for the new level editor: In Hammer, you can’t filter out model textures. It makes no sense, since you can’t use them anyway. If you can add a way to filter out model textures it would be much appreciated. (If that is the way your engine works of course.)

    Also a question: Do you have to compile the maps? I don’t see a compile button judging from the screenshot.

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