Balloon race

You thought I stopped making maps? Well you’re wrong. Here’s the map I’m currently working on:

balloon_race_v1 for Team Fortress 2! Click on more for the details.

Explanation: This map is a race map with a twist. Your goal is to win the map when your team has the most treasure chests and you’ve crossed the finish line. I think there will be five treasure chests to collect in a round.

Players will get on board of their balloons and try to slow the other down by keeping the other team’s players from the wheel. (There will be one person at the wheel to “push” the balloon, sort of like in a payload map.) The balloon will speed up when someone’s at the wheel and slow down when someone’s not. Each speed “step” takes three seconds. When a team captures a treasure chest a flag will go up and the treasure chest will unlock. (I will make the flag a bit bigger though)

As an extra note: There’s a dispenser in each balloon ship. I might make this desctructable/respawnable, but for now you can’t destroy it. There’s also a ladder on the side of the balloon in case you fall off. Oh, and there will be special objectives like opening doors, but I don’t know the details about that yet.

Overall, I think this map (the first version!) is about 40% done now.


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