Balloon_race_v1 map source + quick update

Alright, just a quick post. Sorry I haven’t posted lately. I’ve been busy working on something unrelated to mapping. I will post that something on here when I’m done with it. 😛

At the request of Walnuts I’ve uploaded the balloon_race_v1 source. I’m not sure what you want to do with it, but you have my permission. 😛

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LRGOV867


1 Response to “Balloon_race_v1 map source + quick update”

  1. 1 Walnuts
    15 April, 2009 at 06:06

    Hey thanks man, I wasn’t sure if you even checked your blog anymore. I very much appreciate that you took the time to make this available. I was playing this very map earlier today 🙂

    I intend to incorporate a little of v2 back into the original, just some minor tweaks with no creative input from me at all. Unfortunatly my RAM just failed, so it’ll have to wait until I pick up some more lol

    Hope your current project is a success. 😀

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