Have you had your ScraPri today?

I wanted to make an anime post for a long time but I couldn’t figure out what to write about. My friend Sarukah recommended this show to me and I loved it to bits! Full post on Scrapped Princess, coming up!


This show is so awesome, it made Mr. Soopie's jaw drop.


If you’re reading this you probably have watched this show or want to watch it. I’m not going to explain the story for newcomers but be prepared to see some massive spoilers (final warning!).


To start, I didn’t like the opening intro much at first. The song (“Little wing”) was okay and the animation was bland. As I just finished the show I can say I liked the song and the animation for it was still bland. One thing I do like is how it doesn’t spoil anything to you. And I love the Engrish… everyone loves Engrish.


I liked the ending better. The song (“Daichi no la-li-la”) reminds me of the opening/ending songs of Azumanga Daioh, which is no surprise since it’s the same singer. Plus it features this cool shot of Zephiris.


What’s up with this guy? I know it’s Pacifica’s twin brother but it looks like they just slapped her head on there. He doesn’t do much for the story either, thus making him sit in the same league as Marina Ismail from Gundam 00. Did he do anything besides stabbing Pacifica and himself at the end?


Did I say I like Zephiris? (Natalie was a bit of a wasted character in my opinion, though it’s not that bad)


I watched the show with the English dub and the way Cz’s compressed state talked sounded really funny. I guess that’s to be expected of a 5000 year old 5 year old. Too bad the fun with her didn’t last longer. I wonder what she did all these years before in this compressed state.


I liked how they shared an umbrella when she was still in her innocent compressed form and again while she was observing Shannon. Maybe not everything of Cz’s friendly personality was lost. It was based on something after all. If only she moved to the good guys….


This guy’s mask instantly reminded me of those funny japanese smileys. Σ(゜д゜;) He survived and was working in a “medieval” fast food restaurant in one of the later episodes. Talk about  a demotion.


The story was so awesome! I didn’t fall asleep at all, like Pacifica did here. It follows Arthur C. Clarke’s third law according to Wikipedia:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

I can definitely see why. It feels natural to have some sort of flying aircraft in medieval style RPG’s. So why not for this anime? The backstory was really cool, I never expected it would take place in the same universe as ours.


I just loved this face Pacifica makes as she watches the Japanese video in the Skid. Ultimate “What the hell is this crap?” face.


Pacifica looks more drugged than stabbed in this screencap. Stabbed in the back by her own brother, that’s pretty harsh.


Yay for unexplored secondary (tertiary?) characters! I don’t even know her name. :\ Is this really one of the elite fighting soldiers in the highest order of the army??? I’d like to know how they hire these people.

  1. 15 years old? Check
  2. has a unique power? Check
  3. has some unique personality trait? Check
  4. dresses differently from the locals? Check
  5. has an awesome hair style? Check

Conglatulations! You are hired!


Some Leo to taper off with. He’s been through much in this series and still gets rejected? I feel sorry for him. Even Fulle would want those two to be happy together. Why not? D:

Okay, that’s it for the Scrapped Princess post! I liked to make funny complaints in this post so please don’t take it too seriously. This show is way beyond awesome and it’s one of my all-time favorites! It certainly grabs your attention and runs with it all the way.


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