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Some explanation

Hey there, in my previous post I said I would try to make a post everyday about my trip to Florida. In hindsight that probably wasn’t a very good idea, because it takes quite  a bit of time for me to make a post like that. I also haven’t spent much time on the Internet there. So what I did was basically write something like a diary in a Word document. What I’ll do now is make a few posts covering a day or a few days from my trip. I’ll include photos as well. I changed my mind about posting the travel diary on this blog. For now I’ll just keep it private between friends. I’m not sure why outsiders would want to read it.


Some life on this blog

I’m going to Florida soon (starting November 26th), and I want to use this blog as a travel diary of some sorts. So each day I’ll make a post describing every little detail of my trip. Well, not every little detail of course. xD Maybe I’ll put some photos in the posts too. I think this is a good way to preserve memories and let other people know what I’m doing.